Yelena Designs at work

My Process

My mission is to create the blueprint of intimate apparel garments so women can have the comfiest underwear and feel at home in their body, whatever that means to them!

If you’ve got the idea, bring it to me and lets create what women have been asking for!

My process takes your idea to the point where the blueprint is finalised and it just needs to be manufactured!

You will have the blueprint for your collection/garment without having to know all the technical jargon and skills, and without the stress of indecisions, but feeling completely relieved and excited knowing your idea is now a reality!

My 4 stage process to get your product ready for manufacture 💃

Stage 1. Design

Stage 1 is all about solidifying your idea. If you have an idea but you can’t envisage it, then I can create accurate drawings that show you how the design will work.

If you know the vibe you want for your brand but you’re struggling to envisage exact garments or are not sure how to bring the collection together then I can create a range of designs that is on point for your brand and your customer, so you’re not stuck deciding on it for another year!

Stage 2. Pattern Drafting

Now that we have a solid design/s, I am able to draft the pattern for the garments. The pattern is unique to your brand and it will have the exact fit and style you desire. I’ll make sure your garment fits as you wish by testing this on appropriate fit-models.

Stage 3. Size Grading

I’ll take the perfected pattern and create different sized patterns so you can sell you garment in a range of sizes, making it available to more people. I will also format the pattern so it is ready to be used. I can also provide grade specifications if needed, so you can make sure your garments are being made with the measurements they should be.

Stage 4. Technical Pack

Now we need to make sure your garment can be replicated exactly as you want it by the manufacture. Here I will produce accurate technical specifications pack, which is like an instruction manual on exactly how to crate your garment, and will tell the manufacture how to make it.

Now that you have the blueprint, you are ready to get it manufactured so your customers can start purchasing their best lingerie!