Yelena and I worked together on a swimwear collection. She worked at speed and the whole range fit perfectly. She payed close attention to the fit of the product. Her attention to detail and finish was impeccable.
Her communication and understanding of my vision was perfect which is critical when working with a tech.
I’d highly recommend working with her.

Katie May Medley – Peach Trail Swimwear
Testimonials Peach Trail

Yelena helped me with some of the computer and grading related aspects of one of my PDF patterns recently.
Yelena was so very easily able to transform my vision, and helped me feel completely confident throughout all aspects of the process. She was informative, very knowledgeable, and at all times professional and kind.
By providing guidelines and timeframes for the work, I felt comforted that my vision would be achieved, and re-assured by the time frames that were provided.
Yelena seemed obviously to have vast pattern making skills, and so was able to understand my concepts of transcribing these for the grading of a large cup/small frame shape (which I had incorporated within this pattern design).
Yelena was also incredibly wonderfully able to adapt for all the construction design details I had outlined within the pattern layout. I admire so much her abilities with design layout and Adobe Illustrator planning and formatting.
The experience with Yelena was smooth and I am hoping I will be able to work with her again in the future should her time permit.

Annie & Myras – Lingerie Sewing Pattern Brand

I am delighted to write a testimonial for one of the product developers who worked with Edge o’ Beyond’s team. During her time with the brand, she demonstrated skills in pattern cutting, grading, and populating tech packs for our factory, along with a keen attention to detail and dedication to quality.

As a member of the product development team, she played a vital role in bringing our designs to life. Her ability to transform ideas into tangible products that met our brand’s high standards was remarkable. Her contributions to the team were invaluable, and her positive attitude and willingness to collaborate with others made her a pleasure to work with.

NAomi De HAan – EDge O Beyond Founder